A series of routines that allow you to configure and manage different types of insurance.

We specialize in the development and implementation of software and information technology solutions for insurance and retail companies. We generate different mobile and web solutions for both insurance company producers and clients.

  • Tools for sales teams in Insurance Companies.
  • Consultations and management of Insurance Policies.
  • Tools for clients.
  • Appraisers.

They are defined in 2 levels:

Technical Product or Level 1

There, all the parameters, validations and general tables will be defined, which will then be used for the creation of commercial or Level 2 products.

Commercial or Tier 2 Product

This is where the product to be marketed will be defined. There, the specific characteristics will be defined, which must be validated with the definitions made in the level 1 products.


A level 1 product will have an associated appraiser, who will be the one used by all level 2 products that depend on it, in order to ensure that their calculations are the same in all cases and the only variation will be given by the parameters and validations. specified.

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