The platform that allows compliance with the regulations for sending information on Policies and Claims, established by the Superintendency of Insurance of the Nation (SSN).

How to be more efficient in transmitting all the information required by the SSN? How to be more agile in internal management processes?

  • Send all the required information on Policies and Claims.
  • Carry out the corresponding audits.
  • Correct deviations and request reports and inquiries.

Through INTER-SSN, your company will be connected in an agile way to the SSN and will have a powerful management tool within the company. This way you can:

Grafico Inter SSN


  • Importing customer data: using INTER-SSN you can extract data from the CORE System of the Company by using various connectors: ETL, Java Scripts, SQL Scripts, Service Consumption (APi). In this way, Daily Batches are generated by type of shipment (by Branch or Claim)
  • Information population: The data extracted from the Company will be automatically converted to the formats required by the SSN interfaces.
  • Automated sending: Through INTER-SSN, processes scheduled by the user will be defined to be able to send the information automatically and with the defined periodicity.
  • Reprocessing information: In the event of registration errors, the INTER-SSN platform allows reprocessing of this data and then forwarded to the SSN interface. It recognizes both temporary and connection errors with the SSN.
  • Audit of processes: The INTER-SSN allows the Insurance Company to track and audit all types of relevant information such as date, time of creation, user of creation and modification; as well as the result of the process. The opportunity to optimize internal audit times is today possible thanks to this platform.
  • Inquiries: The INTER-SSN platform allows the Insurance Company to request inquiries about details of shipments at the header level or specific data on a particular policy or claim. Likewise, the JSON tests that are sent to the SSN can be consulted and downloaded.
  • Register Operations Manual for a branch - policy.

INTER-SSN is the complete and agile process that links the data of the Insurance Company with the interface of the Superintendency of Insurance of the Nation (SSN).

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