Mobile for insurance.
Our INSURANCE app solutions include functionalities for both the insurance company client and the insurance producer.


  • Consultation and download of policies.
  • Download Certificates (Personal Accidents, etc).
  • Report a claim.
  • Communications and "push" messages.
  • Contact your producer
  • Consult the accident assistance guides.
  • Contact the company.
  • Access websites and social networks.
  • Download the Vehicle Card and the Mercosur Certificate.
  • Request mechanical assistance.
  • Geolocate sinister.
  • Map of company workshops and search by name or geolocation.


  • Consult the portfolio of your policyholders by ID and by name.
  • See the details of all the policies.
  • Download the Policy, Vehicle Card and the Mercosur Certificate.
  • Download the Certificate of Personal Accidents of your insured.
  • Check the claims history of the last 6 months.
  • Quote and issue auto, home and AP policies
  • Report a claim.
  • Push Communications.
  • Geolocate sinister.
  • Check the status of generic orders.
  • View the synchronized inspection schedule in car issuance.
  • Generate and download fast track claims voucher.
  • Search trusted workshops by name or geolocation
  • Access our websites and social networks.
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