Success stories: Benefits Workflow.

Workflow de Beneficios

ABSTI over 15 years has developed a large number of solutions around the insurance area and in JAVA technology.
This allowed us to develop projects such as SMG Life - Benefits Workflow.

SMG Life is one of the main insurance companies in Argentina and part of the Swiss Medical Group.
This company is the one that markets and manages all life insurance within the group and towards third parties.

Claims Management is central in the insurance business, since it works from the actuarial part to ensure that the claims values paid by the company are profitable according to each risk, in the face of the claim being able to face and manage in a controlled manner and planned, the payment of the same.

Several years ago SMG Life was looking for a solution to be able to Manage Claims once they occur. Not finding a product in the appropriate market, it decided to go down the path of analysis and outsourcing of development in a software factory specialized in Insurance.
One One of the challenges was the interaction and integration with the other management systems, such as the accounting system (SAP), the Management of Individual Policies (AIS) and the collective policies (GAUS).

For the development of the Benefits Workflow (Claims Management System) SMG Life convened ABSTI, which already at that time had extensive experience in open source developments in insurance.

SMG Life proposed the integral management of Claims within this System. The project was addressed in several stages, within which the development and implementation of:

Consultation of Loss Policies, Management of Claims within a flow of states, Registration of Payments, Management of Insured and Beneficiaries, Expenses, Consultation of the reservation history, Validation of data quality of Natural and Legal Persons, sending emails and SMS messages with news, Configuration of approval chains and several Reports.

Thanks to this development, today SMG Life has a comprehensive claims management system that allows the control of money outflows for claims, which is the main liability in insurance companies.

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