Success stories: mobile apps & Clients and Producers.

Palabras ABSTI

At Allianz we were invited to participate in the tender for an improvement of L&F in mobile apps for producers and customers.

Allianz had 4 different apps (2 Android and 2 iOS, for Customers and Producers respectively), we analyzed the possibility of implementing a new technology to improve L&F and at the same time improve the navigability and maintainability of the software. Thus, we decided, together with the full support of Allianz, to reengineer and code in the React Native language, with which we managed from a single development IDE to have a version of the Client app and one of the producers' app, and be able to generate indistinctly for each platform.

Currently the apps have had several improvements, including the incorporation of AI libraries for the reading and interpretation of documents (intelligent OCR), connection to the biometric login of smartphones, push functionalities for notifications directed to the user about news and commitments, geolocation and direct reservation of inspections in workshops, etc.

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