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“The essence of every company is its people”

ABSTI works with a teamwork methodology, which promotes a high degree of collaboration and commitment in the fulfillment of the responsibilities assumed with the client, making the staff feel that the company's objectives are their own. This allows us to develop our work obtaining better results, providing products and services with high added value.

outstanding news

  • Auriga

    AURIGA PLATFORM The idea of the platform AURIGA is based on promoting a system of purchase and reservation of tickets, already used...

  • Print Management

    Unified management and print processing solution. Current situation Decentralized Impressions Is not known which is the active or current version Is not...

About Us


Creation of value for business.

ABS-TI is a company specializing in information technology solutions, has professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the area, working with leading companies in the creation of value for their businesses through the use of software as a tool differential.
ABS-TI brings together the experience of a group of interdisciplinary professionals, highly trained and recognized, who are in charge of providing quality products and services, guaranteeing the highest level of satisfaction for the client.