Extended Traceability Management system

The traceability management system allows the integral management of the tracking of the packages, parcels and cargo in general that manages a conveyor company.

On the one hand, vehicles, chauffeurs, branches, destinations and users with different roles and different visibility are registered (visibility by branch or functions).

On the other hand, it has a very powerful calculation engine that allows the configuration of general and private tariffs for each client (basing on the general), define freight value for a customer as price per KM, price per M3, price per full truck, price Per percentage of declared value, insurance, value against reimbursement, etc.

With regard to the traceability process itself, it allows the registration of the packages or cargo to be transported from the reception (with the scanning of the documentation, Remito, etc.), capacity, available in ironing, in transit (by truck), in distribution, delivered, Rejected, conformed, filed...

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