Print Management

Unified management and print processing solution


  • Decentralized Impressions
  • Is not known which is the active or current version
  • Is not unified data access for reports
  • Mass batch generation with non-individual reporting


  • Updating templates in Backoffice-type WEB application.
  • Versioning to any changes in the report. Any change by minimum generates a new version. There is traceability per user and date of change.
  • Active Version ID.
  • Edition of reports with IReport tool.
  • Minor or intermediate changes can be made by end users.
  • The aggregate of data can involve systems intervention.
  • Generation of new Querys or access to data.


PDF generation Process

  • It "calls" to the process via an SOA layer (WS, HTTP or other)
  • The process is in charge of merge or merge between the TEMPLATE and the data.
  • Data can be sent to the process in XML format, ASCII files, SQL statements, or calls to stores, through the SOA layer.
  • As a result of the merge (between TEMPLATE and data) generates a PDF that returns to the program that I call it through the SOA layer.
  • There is the possibility of "schedule" massive processes. These "Jobs" run on a certain day and schedule, creating batches of PDF documents.

Future Situation

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