Auriga Platform

The idea of the platform AURIGA is based on promoting a system of purchase and reservation of tickets, already used in a prestigious company of mini buses that transit between the C.A.B. and North Zone. This gives us an already operational, solid and proven base.

AURIGA will allow to interconnect the mini bus trips, in this way to make transfers and trips in sections between two points of the greater Buenos Aires. The alternative transport network will be enhanced by minibus.


AURIGA seeks nuclear through this application the management of ticket bookings of all minibus and combis companies that enter and graduate to the autonomous city of Buenos Aires.

Control and statistics information

With AURIGA you will be able to have statistical and centralized information of all the movements of people who travel daily in this type of transport.

with AURIGA will be able to supervise the travel and the amounts received by each minibus company that is integrated in the network or platform


How to implement AURIGA?

  • It began to operate gradually adding to the minibus companies who will have as a benefit a system of reserves and automated collection.
  • Users and minibus companies will have facilitated the operation as customers to make reservations as well as being able to call companies can make reservations via WEB page online or through their cell phones, with Android apps and IPhone Available for this purpose

The step by step would be similar to the next:

  • Minibus company is registered in AURIGA
  • Is provided with a BackOffice to the company so that it can perform configuration and operation.
  • Set up your routes, senses and stops.
  • Are recorded the means of payment that will be used, and in the providers thereof.
  • The operation is enabled.
  • You can configure your page for direct entry of your customers

If the MINIBUS company already has an application?:

  • It can be integrated with AURIGA.
  • Minibus Company is registered in AURIGA.
  • Integrates to the platform by means of an API or plugin developed by AURIGA.

How to implement AURIGA on mobile devices?

The client enters by Internet or smartphone to the portal of AURIGA. Choose origin and destination, or minibus company and select Date-time travel.

In the event that the trip includes 2 or more minibus companies, or more than one section, the system indicates where to go up and down the vehicles in each one and will be in charge of prorate the value of the ticket charged to the end user.


Benefits of the AURIGA platform

Efficient management with services and Internet connection

  • Control and statistics of all people entering and leaving CABA in minibuses daily/weekly/monthly/yearly.
  • Formalization/control of ticket payments for all companies using the AURIGA platform through the available electronic payment methods.
  • Reduction of circulating physical money.
  • Control of the traffic of minibuses within the city, being able to know all the routes of the companies.
  • To make it easier for passengers to travel by minibus and to expedite interconnection.
  • Could be thought of as a network of combis, similar to the network of Subtes.

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