It is an integral solution destined to improve the experience of the clients at the moment of making any type of procedure that requires to wait a turn to be attended.

To do this, AQM makes use of the latest technology available as a Web page for computers, mobile applications, multimedia devices, attention centers, kiosks for assignment of shifts, etc.


  • Cloud & Web Application.
  • System of shifts, for attention to the public.
  • Qualifier, it allows to qualify according to:
    -Characteristics of the client (client prefer, elderly, pregnant, etc.).
    -service features to be catered for.
  • Multi-Company, the platform can provide services to one or more companies.
  • Multi Platform, conjugates and groups different technologies, Web browsers,
    Tablet and Mobile, kiosks for printing of shift tickets, terminals of attention, etc

AQM is a Multi-company platform, where you can share Hardware resources and Software companies from the same group. With independent data and configurations for each of them.

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