Anti-Corruption Policies

The anti-corruption policy of ABSTI S.A. It covers the following principles.


  • 1 - In accordance with the provisions, all corrupt practices are prohibited, without exception.
  • 2 - It is specifically prohibited to offer, promise, pay, deliver or authorize the delivery, or accept, claim or request, directly or indirectly, compensations, gifts, personal or other economic benefits to / from Public Officials, Private Persons, or the entity directly or indirectly represent, to influence an official or business decision or to obtain or retain a business or any other advantage, when:
    - 2.1. they are not of modest value, that is to say that they exceed the limits reasonably accepted in the courtesies of practice or;

    - 2.2. they may be considered to pretend to exercise an inappropriate influence on the relationships maintained by the Companies with Public Officials, Private Persons, or the entity they directly or indirectly represent, regardless of whether there is an undue purpose.

  • 3 - "Facilitation Payments" (that is, unofficial payments of modest value, made with the purpose of facilitating, expediting or obtaining a routine governmental act or an activity that is generally contemplated among the obligations of the Public Officials or Private Persons with which the Companies are related) are prohibited.