Multipurpose Calculations Manager

ABSTI has a vast expereince in the development of frameworks or tools that facilitate and allow a methodological development, robust and of great quality having solved a series of common problems when starting with any development of Business type. In addition to counting on the base platform with services such as functional security, Workflow and people management. This framework is based on widely used open source components such as JSP, struts, hibernate, jPivot, Velocity, JasperReports, ZK framework, Macromedia Flex.

The main objective is the development of a software, of great utility, reflecting on it, the experience and the solution to various problems found throughout the development of the activities carried out by ABSTI in the field of application of this Tool, that will allow to publish calculation services and a BackOffice of configuration, on WEB, to be used in personal computers and access from a LAN or Internet. This solution will also have an expression editor associated with functions and calculations that once configured can be parseados and executed in real time...


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